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Find Refuge at a NGQ Retreat . . .

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

What can you expect?

Over the last month since launching our website, I have received some very positive responses. There is however, a underlining statement and question that continues to be posed. Many visitors to our website or subscribers have never been to a retreat and are curious about what to expect at a retreat. To be honest some may even feel a little insecure about taking the plunge and signing up, if you will.

I work very hard to create balance in my life. This proves to be difficult at times; husband, children, household, and career. Where do I fit in? When I turned fifty and suddenly I had one son not living at home and the other acquired his drivers license, I really was lost.

I have been a quilter for over twenty years, and always used my craft for the sense of accomplishment in my creations. My dilemma was working full time, It did not allow for me to commit to my local quilting guild or attend the weekly open sew and chats at the local quilt shop. I was looking to find a quilting community that I could get into my schedule. I looked on line and found a open sew format retreat offered by Carmen Franklin, in April 2022. Yes, I felt a little insecure about going by myself. However, I was steadfast in my goal to meet new quilting friends that shared the same passion and to set aside dedicated time for my self. After all, I traveled by myself for work for years, what was the big deal to travel by myself for myself.

As the say OMG, I am so very glad I did, I had an amazing time. Half the fun was not just having time to work on my project, I enjoyed looking at all the other activities going on in the room. Sitting next to me was Anne, she was working on bags and sewing in zippers. I watched and learned, this gave me the confidence to come home and make my first bag with a zipper. I could not help myself but to watch and ask Donna what she was working on. Donna was working on something I had never seen before. Donna was sewing tiny scraps of fabric onto adding machine tape to make a scrappy quilt. Come to find out Donna just moved to my area and lives twenty minutes from my home. Lo and be hold , I looked behind me and Sharon was working on a non pin wedding ring quilt, that I too have been wanting to attempt.

The Consequence of taking this leap - I met some wonderful new friends, learned some great tips and tricks. I had acquired the confidence to try some new things. I relaxed took in the great little town of Murphys then returned to work on Monday with the renewed spirit to conquer the world.

I found myself . . . . and wish to provide you with the same experience

Come join our growing community.. Please visit our Retreats Page for details on what is coming up -

  • October 2022 ~ Mariposa, Ca Weekend

  • December 2022 - Diligent December in Livermore

  • January 2023 - 3 Days in Napa Valley

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I’m new to group. I have been retired a couple of years thought I would get back into quilting since my last adventure quilting class with my niece Sharon Reno. She encouraged me to come to Murphys retreat , so glad I did. Have joined this talented group of quilters and learning so much. Thank you Sharon and ladies for making me feel so welcome and sharing your knowledge.


I'm excited to sew with all the ladies. I love making new friends all over Northern California ,Sheryl is an awesome quilter but most of all an awesome person! I am blessed with my new friend!

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