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Shop Hop Happy with a Strategic Plan

Quilters Harvest Hop is right around the corner . . September 15th, 16th, and 17th, is the annual Quilters Harvest Hop which covers twelve shops in Northern California - YOU GOT TO HAVE A PLAN .. not just logistically making it happen but, what would you like to accomplish during this shopping excursion.

I have been on a few shop hops, and I have discovered it is very easy to become overwhelmed. After all, a shop hop is not just a few days visiting quilt stores, it is an EVENT. Events if not well thought and planned out, can become overwhelming. Shop Hops draw hundreds of customers to each shop. During the shop hop you will visit new beautiful shops you may have never visited before; Not only are you taken back by all the beautiful fabric and shop layout, you are discovering what each shop specializes in. I found it extremely difficult to get my thoughts around a new project, selecting fabric and making my purchases purposeful. I purchased fabric I thought I liked, came home with not enough yardage for the project I decided after the fact to use the fabric on, patterns that I just had to have because the shop had it on display and it looked so cute, not to mention new gadgets or the latest notions that remain still in their package today.

This last June I went with some friends on the Central Coast Quilt Shop Hop, we went over 600 miles in three days and covered all nine participating shops. Going into this shop hop, I decided I wanted a different outcome. I began thinking and planning this shop hop for weeks, and what I would like to accomplish. I looked up on my wall and saw the Quilters Code, I laughed a little and decided this was a great place to start. All though a little humorous it truly helped me to start organizing my thoughts and making my list. So, just like grocery shopping I began making my shopping list and plan.


What fabric you need to complete your WIP, UFO, & PHD Projects - Shop Hops are a great place to look for a particular fabric you need that may no longer be available at your local quilt store. Shopping List: Write down manufacture, designer and yardage needed, colored thread you may need or notions

Think about your NESTY Projects - Gifts for family or a friend's special occasions. Perhaps, you may consider a project for yourself. You may want to shop for a quilt kit that meets one of these needs or just commemorates your shop hop. Shopping List: Write down yardage needed with color idea, colored thread you may need or notion , shop for quilt kit for .....

Building your Stash - Fat Quarters, Fat Eights or Low Volume Fabric

Shopping List: Write down colors and/or themes needed

Are you thinking about learning a new technique? or have an upcoming class

Shopping List: Write down book with technique and take your supply list for your upcoming class -

NOTE: look at the shops class list for possible opportunities

After my last shop hop in June by planning ahead, I accomplished the balance of the Quilters

Codes: I did not set myself up to be a PFC (Professional Fabric Collector) or build a STABLE (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy) create further PIG (Projects in Grocery Bags) or WOMBAT (Waste of Money, Batting and Time) A few months after the shop hop I did not have any WITHWIT (What in the Heck was I Thinking) moment. By having a strategic shopping plan I was able to complete some WIP, UFO AND PHD Projects, I proved to myself TIH (There Is Hope) I enjoy every day the results of my strategic shopping of my last shop hop; My sewing room, making décor and accessories for MY HAPPY PLACE. . MY SEWING SPACE . .


I hope to run into a few of you during the hop, I will be wearing my blue NGQ TSHIRT, that were handed out at our first retreat. #NGQCALIFORNIAQUILTINGRETREATS #QUILTERSHARVESTHOP

We welcome your comments and feedback.


For those of you whom signed up for our Fall weekend in Mariposa, I look forward to seeing you, Friday, October 28th. If you did not sign up we still have room at the sewing tables, however the INN is sold out. You would need to book you stay at another hotel. I will send out a email update with all final details 3-5 days prior to retreat.

For the working quilter, we have a weekend only in December and for those that have this year booked but looking forward to some SEW ME TIME . . We got you covered. ( TO LEARN MORE CLICK REGISTER NOW, IT WILL NOT OBLIGATE YOU TO REGISTER IT WILL SIMPLY PROVIDE YOU ALL THE DETAILS)

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